Package design

With the same kind of product, there are hundreds of, even up to thousands of different brands and designs, so how to make your products prominent and attracting consumers? This is the styles and designs of the product packages which create the attention and decision of customer purchasing power. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to the package quality and change the designs frequently to catch current trends

Why choose CTK’s package design service

  • We provide clients with the overall package and label design services including product photography, visual design, package content editing, product printing.
  • Designers are creative, multi-styled, and knowledgeable in regional cultures, so they can easily create impressive designs which are suitable for regions where the products are concentratedly distributed.
  • The design team is professional and experienced of package design projects pleasing thousands of clients around the country. Printing and processing packages and labels with high quality

Logo design

Sales support kits

  • Brochure, catalog and flyer design
  • Advertising poster and banner design
  • Wobbler and mobile hanger design
  • Product showcase and display shelf design

Web design

  • Web interface design
  • Professional web design
  • Website professional design
  • Company introduction web design