Logo designed for Chez Nous Cafe

CHEZ NOUS is a French classic style cafe shop, so the requirement of the client is to retain classic features while emphasizing the modernity and elegance of France.

Logo designed for QuikPik coffee

How to create the impression to the customers on a coffee brand with special style is not easy. Therefore, designing a logo for the Cafe shop must be invested with depth, and must have an understanding of extensive knowledge to be able to create a clear brand identity to customers.

Logo designed for Info Vietnam Company

There have been more and more media, real estate, securities, and financial companies in Vietnam, making up a fiercely competitive market. Therefore, creating an attractive, convincing and reliable brand image to customers is very important. In particular, logo image - the symbol of the company, has a significant meaningful message.

Logo designed for TZM Entertainment Company

3 letters TZM are nested into a unified block which is well-proportioned, soft, flexible, and soaring like the role of the entertainment and music industry that is bringing emotions and impacts to the souls helping people balance in life.

Logo designed for BMV company

After receiving the project and determining this is a humanistic field with high social and community features, Binh Minh Viet’s logo was gotten the idea, sketched and edited in detail, with the criteria of succinctness, conciseness, meaningfulness and having unique visualization.

Logo designed for Trust Air

Logo of Trust Air is created and combined based on the business operation criteria of the company: Bring to customers the satisfaction and absolute reliability when using online ticketing service of Trust Air, as the company's slogan: "Starting from the Trust".

Logo designed for Glass Construction Company

We advised to create the company logo with the simple style complying with the “nature” of construction industry with unique feature is the stylized symbol of reversed S letter being reflected through the glass.

Logo design

Sales support kits

  • Brochure, catalog and flyer design
  • Advertising poster and banner design
  • Wobbler and mobile hanger design
  • Product showcase and display shelf design

Web design

  • Web interface design
  • Professional web design
  • Website professional design
  • Company introduction web design