Packaging and brand design


Currently, the trend that businesses and manufacturers investing in and focusing on the image of their products is increasing, with the purpose to increase the competitive capacity compared to the competitors, and position their products to the consumers more clearly. To achieve that, the roles of businesses and packaging design units are very important.

Why do we mention the role of businesses in the design of a package and brand identity? In fact, not all business owners are aware of the importance of packaging design. Many people simply think that, just a product name, plus several related images to form a package.

This is a wrong thinking, because a successful package must contain many different factors. By this time, the role of the designer is again clearly shown, with the understanding of aesthetics, business knowledge and knowledge of feng shui. All these factors create a package which is really striking, impressive and brings an extensive business effect.

Having experience of working with many different clients, CTK finds that many companies do not hesitate to invest in packaging, even after that, they will not have advantage in terms of price, but the revenue increases more sharply and more consumers remember the brand. A business woman shares that she does not understand why the same types of products, placing at the same display locations, but the products of the competitors always attract more consumers, even though her company's products have a higher value than that of the competitors, at least in "product components" (printed on packages). Spending time to seek the reason and sending some of the staffs to make the survey, this director understands that the reason is her products’ packages do not have an eye-catching design, so the consumers do not even look at them, how can they read what is “painstakingly” written on them. Later, this company always spends from 5% -10% of the expenses for the design of their products’ “clothes”

80% of customers choose products based on their emotion right on the shelves, most decisions are based on beautiful and impressive packages of the products.

This is not only an impressive figure, but is also very meaningful - particularly for a new brand on the market!

Each brand builds a strategy, personality, and customer type for each of their products. This is the reason for a professional packaging design, fully expressing the product personality, and suitable for the consumers.

Attractive packages help to increase the sales is a proven thing. Customers only care about what make them love and enjoy. Because your products will be put together with a range of other products from competitors on the same stalls, let make them become prominent. We help you do this by our professional product packaging design services. With a creative and experienced designer team, we are sure to provide you impressive and useful product packaging designs.

Packaging design activities include:

  • Designing product styles
  • Photographing products
  • Designing packages made of paper, plastic, glass, wood,...
  • Designing cartons, housings, ...
  • Designing samples
  • Designing product labels
  • Designing warranty cards, user manual,...

To successfully build a product brand - packaging design is the prerequisite and vital condition. Professional packaging design with impressive and beautiful images, full information as regulated, showing its own personality, will give you 80% chance of winning on the shelves.

CTK has a professional design team, having experiences with projects in designing beautiful labels and packages that satisfy hundreds of customers. Not only that, the designers are creative, multi-styled, and knowledgeable in regional cultures, so they can easily create beautiful package and label designs which are suitable for regions where the products are concentratedly distributed. That is one of the important elements making the customers trust and use CTK’s services.

Packaging designs are being updated...

Logo design

Sales support kits

  • Brochure, catalog and flyer design
  • Advertising poster and banner design
  • Wobbler and mobile hanger design
  • Product showcase and display shelf design

Web design

  • Web interface design
  • Professional web design
  • Website professional design
  • Company introduction web design