Logo designed for BMV company

Thiết kế logo công ty huấn huyện an toàn cho trẻ em

Thiết kế logo công ty huấn huyện an toàn cho trẻ em

Thiết kế logo công ty huấn huyện an toàn cho trẻ em

The meaning of BMV logo

Binh Minh Viet Safety Co., Ltd located in Ho Chi Minh City specializes in organizing training courses and providing advices on the safety of children to parents and staffs of enterprises.

After receiving the order and determining this is a humanistic field with high social and community features, Binh Minh Viet’s logo was gotten the idea, sketched and edited in detail, with the criteria of succinctness, conciseness, meaningfulness and having unique visualization.

The logo was created by the first 3 letters of the company name BMV with the primary color is green representing such values as: Nature, healthiness, innovation and diversity.

The focal point of logo is the letter M and the center circle:

  • The blue circle outside means the protection
  • White color represents the frankness and clemency
  • The green M represents the original and nature

This layout sends a new message that in order to avoid the tragedies and accidents for the children and ourselves, instead of dodging, we must frankly confront them by education and reasonable practice. It is the education and awareness of safety from thinking, habits, lifestyle naturally at anytime and anywhere in daily activities are the smooth, sustainable and safe protections.

Also, with the ingenious and soft stylization of the white part as a smooth pillow, the logo also indicates that safety and love are similar things, though invisible but invaluable and could be felt.

With the intent to place the circle surrounding the letter M between two letters B and V, Binh Minh Viet’s logo has strived to convey to customers the message that the most important and focal devotement is to bring safety values to parents and children.

Hopefully, with such the deep and practical humanistic values to life, Binh Minh Viet Co., Ltd will increasingly get the public acceptance.

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