Thiết kế logo công ty giải trí, âm nhạc TZM

Logo designed for TZM Entertainment Company

Thiết kế logo công ty lĩnh vực giải trí, âm nhạc

Thiết kế logo công ty lĩnh vực giải trí, âm nhạc

Thiết kế logo công ty lĩnh vực giải trí, âm nhạc

Thiết kế logo công ty lĩnh vực giải trí, âm nhạc

The meaning of the logo designed for TZM Entertainment Company

TZM Entertainment is a company specializes in the field of entertainment, music and recording. After studying about the characteristics of the field, CTK chose to design TZM with stylized writings.

Specifically, 3 letters TZM are nested into a unified block which is well-proportioned, soft, flexible, and soaring like the role of the entertainment and music industry that is bringing emotions and impacts to the souls helping people balance in life.

The symbol has a feeling like someone is dancing, posing softly and smoothly along the music.

The lines separating the letters are open, intentionally giving the viewers the feeling of the intersecting roads and crossroads, creating a sense of constant motions latent in this block. This not only has implication of the activeness and the ability to keep up with the trend of TZM but also hides the message "TZM is an important crossroad, where turns dreams into reality".

Especially, the stylization of the letters’ corners with steeples reminds of the arrows and the progress. TZM Entertainment also implicitly conveys to its customers the assertion “despite choosing which way to go, when going with TZM, you will be successful.”

Entertainment and music is a special field requiring creativity and originality, so TZM logo is coordinated with many extremely attractive color blocks ranging from warm colors to cold colors, reflecting the diversity, colorfulness, full of vitality and unlimited creativity that TZM promises to customers through provided services.


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