Thiết kế logo lĩnh vực truyền thông, tài chính

Logo designed for Info Vietnam Company

Logo công ty lĩnh vực truyền thông, tài chính

Logo công ty lĩnh vực truyền thông, tài chính

Logo công ty lĩnh vực truyền thông, tài chính

Logo công ty lĩnh vực truyền thông, tài chính

The meaning of the logo designed for Info Vietnam Financial Company

There have been more and more media, real estate, securities, and financial companies in Vietnam, making up a fiercely competitive market. Therefore, creating an attractive, convincing and reliable brand image to customers is very important. In particular, logo image - the symbol of the company, has a significant meaningful message. Making the customers think of the company's name right after seeing the logo is the success of the business and the design unit.

This is the logo we designed for INFO VIETNAM Company - a company specializes in media, real estate, securities and finance. Normally, for companies specialize in a single field, the logo creation is easier, messages are easy to be conveyed, symbols and styles are easy to be demonstrated... However, INFO VIETNAM is a multidisciplinary company, the demonstration of all fields in a symbol is more difficult, the designer must have a broad knowledge, understand thoroughly the feng shui rules... to satisfy strict requirements of the clients.

For the operating field of INFO VIETNAM, the most suitable color is a combination of red and black. Firstly, in terms of aesthetics, these two colors when putting together often "help each other" stand out, making an impression to the viewer. Although being deep color tones, they do not make the feeling of “pain” in the eyes, but are very elegant and gentle. In terms of feng shui, black and red have very special meanings:

  • Red: It is said that red symbolizes strength and power. Red color appears everywhere. According to the opinion of Eastern people, this color symbolizes happiness and fullness. Red color makes people feel hotter, desirer, but also take precaution and care. Red expresses personality, strongness, decisiveness and rather big passion for power.
  • Black: A color brings mystery but is luxurious. In real life, black color is always attractive, charismatic and extremely mysterious. It has the ability to cover all the bad things of the people. Actually, people who really like black are not many, but those who prefer to use black are countless. This is because in modern conception, black is a symbol of wealth and power.

In terms of layout, this logo represents all the fields that the company operates.

  • The "dot" in the letter "i" is stylized to be a loudspeaker (the symbol of media), while also being the symbol of the compass to determine the direction in the construction and design (symbol of real estate sector)
  • Letter "N" is designed up and down, like the rules of the stock market every day.
  • Letter "F" represents the financial sector
  • Letter "O" is stylized with the image of earth and sky and high-rise buildings are covered inside, firmly and solidly.

It can be said that the stylized contours and the font use in the logo of INFO VIETNAM demonstrates the strongness, growth and soar, making up the continuous development of the company, as well as creating trust of the partners and customers.

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