Thiết kế logo Chez Nous Coffee

Logo designed for Chez Nous Cafe

Thiết kế logo quán cà phê Chez Nous

Thiết kế logo quán cà phê Chez Nous

Thiết kế logo quán cà phê Chez Nous

Thiết kế logo quán cà phê Chez Nous

Thiết kế logo quán cà phê Chez Nous

Logo design idea for Chez Nous Cafe

The basic criteria when designing a logo is no more than 3 colors used, easy to print, easy to process... Although CHEZ NOUS Cafe’s logo contains many characters with simple colors, but it can be regarded as one of the most successful logos we have ever designed and is highly appreciated by the client.

Right from the first time seeing it, many people give compliments for this design because of its simple style but still exuding the modernity and elegance. Different from many other coffee companies, CHEZ NOUS chooses dark color to be primary color. It is also the primary color of pure coffee flavor, non-dairy, with aromatic scent, strong and unforgettable taste.

CHEZ NOUS is a French classic style cafe shop, so the requirement of the client is to retain classic features while emphasizing the modernity and elegance of France. Also, the logo must be easy to use in signages, decorations outside and inside the glass doors of the shop...

With the above requirements, we chose two colors which are considered most "luxurious" and professional for coffee business type, which is Black and Yellow.

  • Black: is often used in high-class designs. In the CHEZ NOUS cafe’s logo, the black color represents sophistication, elegance, and class of the shop.
  • Yellow: is highlighted on the black background, shining with optimism and cheerfulness. Yellow carries the hope for a positive future. Yellow will develop compared to the surrounding colors and instill the optimism and energy, as well as spark the creativity thoughts. Yellow is the color of prosperity and development.

Besides, we pay much attention to feng shui elements when designing logos. Black symbolizes the Shui (water) element; Yellow symbolizes the Jin (metal) element. In the five elements theory, Shui supports Jin. Black is the color of coffee, so using Yellow color will make the business of the cafe shop more and more develop, and the brand is more and more expanded and clearly positioned to the customers .

Also, the arrangement between color blocks, spaces, and the effective font use make strong impression for this logo design. The name CHEZ NOUS has a simple style, but is very soft, tasteful, polite, and elegant. The rounded contours are not only slight but also make the strongness and tight cohesion.

Especially, if viewed from above, the heart of letter O is stylized with a flexible and light image of a cup of coffee together with a small spoon beside and the moving foam making the entire structure of the logo livelier, stimulating the viewers to feel like to try a cup of coffee of CHEZ NOUS brand immediately.

Not only that, just look at the words "COFFEE & WAFFLE", the customers can understand the main articles provided by CHEZ NOUS are coffee and waffle. Just one logo to show all the messages CHEZ NOUS wants to transmit to their customers.


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