Logo design for Janavi company

Logo designed for JANAVI - a consulting company for studying in Japan.

Thiết kế logo công ty tư vấn du học Nhật Bản JANAVI

Thiết kế logo công ty tư vấn du học Nhật Bản JANAVI

Thiết kế logo công ty tư vấn du học Nhật Bản JANAVI

Thiết kế logo công ty tư vấn du học Nhật Bản JANAVI

Thiết kế logo công ty tư vấn du học Nhật Bản JANAVI

Thiết kế logo công ty tư vấn du học Nhật Bản JANAVI

The meaning of the logo designed for JANAVI

This logo is perhaps the most culturally meaningful logo that we have ever designed.

At first glance, JANAVI’s logo has very simple structure, with the main color of black, only a small detail of the dot is highlighted red, but the entire logo still exudes the seriousness and sociability, getting the sympathy of viewers.

In the conception of the Japanese, black color symbolizes the decisiveness and everlastingness like the spirit of the Japanese Samurai. JANAVI will be the place to help training students, not only Japanese language and majors studied in Japan, but also the will for each person.

Black color also symbolizes the bravery. This is a cultural tradition of human dignity which is treasured in Japan. People having bravery would have the power to do all. With that spirit and motto, JANAVI hopes to transmit Japanese language, culture and spirit to each of their students.

Besides, letter “J” is stylized with a symbol of ladder, for the hope that each student studying in the center will be successful, stepping up on the pinnacle of education and career. Slogan “TIẾP BƯỚC TƯƠNG LAI” is placed right under the name JANAVI, can powerfully and clearly convey the motto of and the goals that JANAVI has been working and will work towards.

In addition, though the red color only appears very little, it helps to "light" the entire. The red color we use is the red on the flag of Japan. Not only that, red is the color of victorious belief, joyfulness, happiness, and success which brings good luck and success, brings the feeling of elation, energy and friendliness.

Black and red colors are usually combined in logo design, which both shows the aesthetic effect and creates strong adherence and companionship. The typeface usage also brings the feeling of consistence and trust, creating the company's reputation for customers about a service provider working seriously and effectively.

Via the above symbol, JANAVI wants to convey the message: we always help you achieve success easily in career by professional services of JANAVI, thereby affirming the brand and the reputation to become one of the leading companies in Vietnam providing consulting services to study in Japan.

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