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Thiết kế logo công ty xây dựng AHP

Logo designed for AHP Works Design and Construction Company

The logo represents the youthfulness, modernity, reliability and safety. By this green color, AHP wants to convey to consumers the message of stability and reliability.

Thiết kế logo Chez Nous Coffee

Logo designed for Chez Nous Cafe

CHEZ NOUS is a French classic style cafe shop, so the requirement of the client is to retain classic features while emphasizing the modernity and elegance of France.

Logo design for Janavi company

Logo designed for JANAVI - a consulting company for studying in Japan.

The logo’s structure of JANAVI is very simple, with the main color of black, only a small detail of the dot is highlighted red, but the entire logo still exudes...

Thiết kế logo công ty vận chuyển Pegasus

Logo công ty chuyên về dịch vụ vận chuyển và dọn nhà, văn phòng và đang hoạt động kinh doanh tại Mỹ.

Thiết kế logo công ty GFsports

Với phong cách thiết kế đơn giản, logo GFSports mang đậm chất và cá tính thời trang thể thao.

Thiết kế logo công ty xây dựng, trang trí nội thất GMT

Thiết kế logo công ty xây dựng, trang trí nội thất GMT

Logo được thiết kế với phong cách đơn giản, hiện đại. Màu xanh dương làm nền tảng chủ đạo, tượng trưng cho sự phát triển, thân thiện, trường tồn và...

Thiết kế logo Nuna mart

Thiết kế logo hệ thống cửa hàng Nuna mart

Logo NUNAmart được vẽ cách điệu từ hình tượng người mẹ đang bế con (cho cho bú) và hình tượng trái tim thể sự chăm sóc, yêu thương của người...

Thiết kế logo công ty kiểm toán AFA

Thiết kế logo công ty tài chính, kiểm toán AFA

Biểu tượng của logo AFA là sự kết hợp giữa hai chữ A và F tạo thành hình tam giác cân được xoay hương lên 12 độ. Logo thể hiện...

Logo and package design services

If you wonder “What is the first thing customers remember when it comes to a brand?”, the answer would certainly be "Logo". Being considered the most important element - opening for a centennial brand value, finding a professional design unit for an impressive, unique and creative logo becomes urgent needs of many companies.

You want to design the company logo, product packages, sales support system, office suite, and website? Our professional design team at CTK is always ready to serve you.

Reasons to choose CTK’s logo design service:

  • Unique, exclusive, and creative design for each unit without copying. Providing absolute confidentiality agreement.
  • The implementation team is professional and familiar with multi-disciplinary knowledge. Each project will be implemented with a close coordination process between divisions.
  • Unlimited number of edits. We are always willing to adjust the ideas until the clients feel satisfied to terminate the contract.
  • Completion time complies with the contract progress.
  • Most reasonable and economical expenses for clients.

What can CTK design?

  • Logos, symbols
  • Office identity design
  • Business cards
  • Brochures, catalogs
  • Advertising posters and banners
  • Invitations
  • Advertising banners on websites
  • Website Interface

And anything you can think of...

6 reasons to implement advertising campaigns

  1. Create motivation for staffs, make them feel proud of their company
  2. Remind current customers of the reasons why they are customers of the company
  3. Make up the lead generation of new capacity
  4. Attract talents of competitors
  5. Attract more attention of the media and the public
  6. Build brand. As widely known as possible. This is a global truth.

To carry out an advertising campaign for the company’s brand or products, CTK is one partner you can cooperate in the field of logo, package, and brand image design.

Logo design

Sales support kits

  • Brochure, catalog and flyer design
  • Advertising poster and banner design
  • Wobbler and mobile hanger design
  • Product showcase and display shelf design

Web design

  • Web interface design
  • Professional web design
  • Website professional design
  • Company introduction web design